Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 2 - a flying start (and a confession)

Since launching the NaSmaStoMo project yesterday afternoon, I've been overwhelmed with people's response.

More than forty people have signed up to join us in writing a small stone every day during January.

Blogs are now sporting our smart badges, and people have been writing about NaSmaStoMo on Facebook and on Twitter. Much gratitude.

I would also like to confess. This morning I discovered that someone else had a very similar idea before me. Great minds think alike, there are no new ideas under the sun, and other clichés.

Luckily they've chosen February as their month. So now you can start the year as you mean to go on, and then go on...


  1. No new ideas under the sun, perhaps ... but always a sense of wonder beneath it ...

  2. Hey Fiona! NaHaiWriMo is the brainchild of Michael Dylan Welch, a very good haiku poet. I don't see why your project and his couldn't coexist!

  3. Peter - exactly...

    Dylan - hi - thanks for tweeting, I very much appreciate your support. And funnily enough I've just introduced myself to Michael on FB, suggesting the same thing! We're all on the same mission... there's always more room for more writing. Hope you're well!

  4. Hello Fiona;

    I have advertised this on the art and literature community I am a member of and will be participating myself on my blog A Poet Gardener's Stones which you can find at . I look forward to this competition and I'm so glad to have stumbled upon you as an author. You're very inspirational and seem to be a wonderful woman.

    Thank you for being.


  5. Melissa - thank you so much for advertising it, and your blog looks beautiful - I've linked to it in today's post. And thank you for saying those kind things (blush). Good to have you on board!

  6. just posted a weeks worth of small stones on my blog,Sarahx