Saturday 18 December 2010

14 days.... 100 of us so far

100 of us so far.

Madeline shows us a stone she's had for a long time here. And Rosemary writes more about paying attention.

More of us are starting early - here's one from Kelly, here's one from Susan, here's one from Vanessa. Is it just us women who are impatient?

Extra chuffed today that we will be enticing jem from -a sound of splinters- to start writing again... her blog will be the sound of shingle.

Keep in touch, let me know if you've started practising, and how you're helping to spread the word.

Enjoy your Sundays.


  1. I am writing a New Year's Resolution piece for Short Story Week website - it will go up on 2nd or 3rd. Suggesting that this is the perfect way to 'tune in' to the world and its music. - vxxxx