Friday, 17 December 2010

15 days - an actual small stone

(if you're new here, have a look here first...)

Isn't this beautiful? 

It's from the odd inkwell, who will be swimming in our river. I look forward to seeing more.

We have some impatient folks (in the best sense of the word) who have started posting their stones - keep an eye on the blogroll on the right to see them. Once we're started I'll choose a few a day to post here.

After we're finished, I might make something with our small stones - an e-book or something - I'll have a think. And I'm hoping to have a good stock of shiny stones for my blogzine, a handful of stones. You can join the group on Facebook, you know, or just come and say hello to me

So, things are going swimmingly, thanks to you, and your badges, and your sharing-the-link-on-FB-and-Twitter. Lots of non-writers are getting involved too, which is extra-lovely. 

We're working on something special over the weekend... we'll be back on Monday, enjoy your last weekend before Christmas!


  1. Of course - that teaser now means I'll have to make sure I follow through on my promise tomorrow.....

    Happy Saturday's everyone :)

  2. oh, how lovely is stacey's stone??
    I love it.