How you can help us

We run the river of stones because we want to offer something to the world. We have gained more than we can say from the river so far - by hearing your stories, by reading your small stones, by knowing that we are helping people connect with what's around them.

We also make our living through our writing and the work we do here at the river and elsewhere.

If you have benefited from the river and you would like to give something back, there are a few different ways you can support us.

The first is to share the word about our work. Tell your friends about writing small stones, or Fiona's free e-book, or our free community.

The second is to buy our book, 'pay attention: a river of stones', or check out our on-line e-courses or Fiona's other books.

The third is to put a few coins in our tip jar by using the Paypal button below. Every little counts.

All of these things would be wonderful, but we are also very happy for you to be here and benefit without ever hearing from you. Keep writing the small stones!