Monday, 20 December 2010

river of stones - the book (12 days to go)

We're very excited about the small stones that will soon be appearing on websites and in notebooks across the world. 

We have lots of fine experienced writers already signed up, and we'll also be discovering lots of brand new authors... what a scoop.

It seems like a terrible waste not to preserve some of these stones for posterity. 

What we're suggesting is that when the project is finished, anyone who'd like to be considered can send us their ten favourite small stones. We'll choose our very favourites, and compile them into a gorgeous book. 

Whether we can include a small stone from everyone or not will depend on how many people become involved, but we promise we'll pack lots of corkers in. 

Excited? We are...

(here's more info about my book of small stones. the river of stones will be MUCH better though.) 


  1. ooooooh...a truly delicious idea!! how wonderful to have all these bits of lovely in one place..


  2. I love this idea!

  3. Glad you like it. We're already enjoying the stones that have been coming through early so much... very much looking forward to a month of editing in February! We'll post more details about how it'll all work at some point during Jan. It won't be compulsory to submit to the book, of course...