Tuesday, 21 December 2010

11 days. Judicious use of the f-word, and waking up

"The small stone is the briefest of poems, somewhat related to the haiku and the American Sentence forms (only without the strictures of syllable counting and whatnot). But process is what’s important here — knowing that there’s a moment out there in the day that waits your noticing it puts you in a state of hunter’s receptivity. And then the writing of it becomes a meditation on intensity, simplicity and presence."

This is how Corvapriya describes small stones on her gorgeous blog, InkSeeds, and I must say I couldn't have put it better myself.

I'm really pleased with how the spirit of small-stone-writing has been resonating with you folks out there.

As Sami says on her blog, 'sami, curiously', "i have but one resolve: BE PRESENT. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ (for f*** sake! why is it so damn difficult!?!)".

It is difficult. It's why serious spiritual practitioners spend 10 hours a day on their derrières or months in a cave or years in the wilderness, trying to let thought after thought (after thought after thought...) go.

We can wake up, one small stone at a time.

Join us.

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  1. hi Fiona..I'm really excited about the river of stones. just checking whether I have been added to the blogroll. I signed up last week but don't seem to be there..? www.soulsisters40plus.blogspot.com
    thanks Kathleen

  2. Hi Kathleen, I have added you to the blogroll - you were on our list, so I apologise that you got missed there.

    If you label your small stones posts with aros I'll make sure they get added to the widget.


  3. Although that's Fiona's picture, it really was me posting.