Wednesday, 15 December 2010

17 days - three methods, and spot the deliberate mistake

Finding small stones is a lot like beach-combing.

There are three methods.

The first is to become available.

Tune in to the world, and small stones will present themselves to you everywhere. You'll notice the precise blue of the sky, and the music of the wind in the long grass. You'll notice the exact words that woman in the shop used with her child. You'll feel a nagging urge to write them down.

The second is to go seeking.

Put your small-stone-seeking senses in and look/listen/feel/smell/taste around you. What can you find? What strikes you? Put the choicest examples into your notebook.

The third is to trawl your memory.

This is a cheat, really, for when you remember you haven't written your small stone just before bedtime. What did you notice today? How much of it can you remember? In my experience, these small stones are never quite as vivid as the ones caught 'live', but it still means you've paid some attention to your day.

Do write and let me know how you're getting on.


Spot the deliberate mistake. 

Elizabeth was the first to alert me to the spelling mistake on the badges (participating).

Did you see it?

If you did, this means you'll be a very good small stone spotter.

If you didn't, you have a way to go, just like me ; )

The correct badges are now up on the right hand side, and the correct html is here. If you've got an old one, feel free to replace it or keep it and see how many people have their observational skills switched on!


  1. Curse the mind for reading the first and last letters! I missed it :( Thanks for featuring me yesterday.


  2. Glad it wasn't just me, Melissa! A pleasure.