Thursday 16 December 2010

16 days to go - my compulsion, and what's better

Yesterday I got a bit caught up in compulsion - how many people will get involved? Where are visitors coming from? How can I make it more popular? Do people like it? Do people like me?

It helped to remember my reasons for starting this project.

I wanted to inspire people to notice the world around them.

That's it.

I'd be happier if three thousand people did this secretly, in their notebooks, than if three people did it publicly.

I'll get caught up in chasing the statistics again - it's who I am. But it was  such a relief to remember that it doesn't HAVE to be popular. It's just my offering. It's up to you what you do with it.


There are some lovely new homes for stones - here's one James has made, and Avril will be placing her stones beautifully here.  Dorothee has written an article about us here. People are using our lovely badges (which are now spelt correctly!) and tweeting about us and sharing our link on Facebook. Let me know what you're up to. And thank you to everyone.

I'll leave you with something Ted Kooser beautifully observed - via the wonderful Writer's Almanac. Happy Thursday.


Walking beside a creek

Walking beside a creek
in December, the black ice
windy with leaves,
you can feel the great joy
of the trees, their coats
thrown open like drunken men,
the lifeblood thudding
in their tight, wet boots. 

Ted Kooser


  1. Ah yes the old compulsion thing - I know it well :-) I've come to the conclusion that all my problems come down to variartions of control and anxiety. Hence my mission these past few months to try and live in the moment trusting my intuition to take me in the right direction. If I'm true to that then what does happen often happens in a completely different but often better way than if I'd tried to force things in one direction.

    You have started a wonderful idea that will inspire many, try to let go, enjoy and see what happens. Of course I know from personal experience this is easier to say than live. Lol.

    Kat X

  2. PS love this poem. It seems a week for you introducing me to great poetry - thanks.

    Kat X