Tuesday 14 December 2010

18 days - magic and porridge

(If you're new here, go here first.)

Porridge. I just ate mine, drizzled with (compulsory) golden syrup. My cat Silver has a very sweet tooth, and so she's been staying close.

Now I've finished she's given up on syrup and is sitting on the table next to the lap-top and has turned her attention to the birds in the garden outside. There's something very exciting going on out there, if her tail-swinging is anything to go by.

Magic. That's what friends are, and the internet is.

More people and more people are signing up for NaSmaStoMo - joining with us as we write a little piece of observational writing every day during January.

There are some beautiful small stone blogs appearing - here is Melissa's, and Sharon's, and someone I know quite well.

There are some fantastic writers signing up - some you may have heard of - Sarah Salway, Dorothee Lang, Deb Scott, and some of my personal favourites - Jessica Kramer, Mark Holloway, Kirsten Noorgard (who will be posting mostly in Danish).

And I'm extra-pleased that people with no history of creative writing are also signing up - people who will be writing along at home in their notebook.

And people are using the badges, and talking to their friends, and getting excited just like we are.


Keep in touch. Let me know what you're up to. 18 days to go.

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