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Welcome! We're Fiona and Kaspa - it's good to meet you. Here's a video of us introducing a river of stones.

How can we help you?

Writing small stones will help you to engage with the world around you in all its glory. A small stone is simply a short observational piece - a written record of a moment of paying proper attention.

What's the river of stones?

In January '11, we challenged people to write a small stone every day. More than 400 established writers and complete beginners joined us, creating an international river of stones, a book, and (so they told us) a great deal of mindful happiness. The river shows no sign of abating...

Join the July challenge

During July '11, we will be challenging you to notice one thing properly every day and to write it down. You can post your small stones on a blog, on Twitter, you can share them with your friends or you can keep them in your notebook. The most important bit is opening yourself up to discovering them. Find out more about how you can get involved here. It'd be very lovely to have you along.

Connect with the river community

Many small-stoners hang out at our free friendly community at Writing Our Way Home. You can read more about the practice of writing small stones (and hear Lorrie's story) in Fiona's free PDF - 'How To Write Your Way Home'. Sign up to our mailing list and come and say hi on Facebook. You might also want to submit your small stones to our sister blogzine, a handful of stones.

Keep in touch, and keep writing those small stones.