Wednesday 29 December 2010

Two days... an exercise, and your experiences

Not long to wait now.

If you'd like to get some practice in, here's an interesting exercise I found via Matt at Morden Haiku - the author has given me permission to link to it here.

If anyone would like to make some notes about the experience of writing small stones, I'd be interested in seeing them - email them through, or blog them, or both. It might be interesting to use some quotes from you all in the introduction to the book we make.

There's still time to join us... you don't have to let us know, just start writing small stones on the 1st!


  1. That's a great exercise. Got me flowing nicely into this river of ours. (Okay if I co-own it like that?)

  2. It's definitely everyone's river. Or perhaps its own river...

  3. Ah - Kaspa beat me to it - exactly what I was going to say :)

  4. My thoughts on writing a stone:

    Quiet. Quiet breath
    And wordlessness comes to now,
    Is become words.

    Not likely book worthy, but accurate enough for me anyway! NaSmaStoMo project, just finished my small stone.


    Sharing is via your blogroll?

  5. Good stuff. I don't understand your question? I don't know if you've already sent us your blog address or not? Do email me at if you have a Q.

  6. Fiona. I have sent you my address already.
    This query was about how everyone sees the other stones, because my blog wasn't listed - and still isn't. (Too many linked blogs?)
    However, my question was answered by Kaspa in today's post.

    Sorry about the trouble with the feeds, and while I understood what Kaspa was saying, I am not savvy enough to know of a better of doing what is being done.

    my blog is

    Good luck and big thanks!

  7. e.gajd - my mistake, sorry - you're on it now!

  8. Great goal: That's really good work. Thank for sharing this post. Cheers.