Friday, 31 December 2010

On the brink

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These are the Malvern hills, which we can see from our house windows. Isn't this path just begging you to follow it?

Our river begins tomorrow. 

I've already decided on the word that will guide me during 2011. We've bought the ingredients for the bread pudding we'll be taking to our New Year's Eve gathering. We've arranged to meet friends to walk on the hills later today. 

The New Year is just around the corner. Full of opportunity, bursting with the unknown. There will be hazards as well as wonders. There will be everso-steep parts of the hill as well as stunning views. 

We can make sure we notice it as it rushes past us, one small stone at a time. 

We're all in the river together. I'm very happy to be in such good company.

Enjoy your days - I'll see you on the other side : )


  1. What a fantastic view! That path is calling to me.... :D

    Thank you for being my first 'follower' Fiona. :)

  2. Yes... I love that picture, too. I also like your stone for today, Fiona.

    I am excited about the river... tubing can be so fun.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I will join in after all -- I shall add it to my whenthedogsbite posts

  4. I want to be in the photograph. How beautiful. Looking forward to the New Year with you and the river.


  5. Thank you Laurie - glad you're excited!
    Rachel - great news! Very happy. Will add you to the blogroll.
    Margo - us too!

  6. Happy New Year Fiona.
    I love the photo.