Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Writing isn't always a piece of cake

Any excuse to post a picture of a piece of cake....

But it's true. Writing small stones, or anything, can be difficult. 

It certainly is for me. Some days, I'd rather do anything than sit down at my computer and begin the first sentence.

Why is this? I think a lot of the reason is that when we write, we are trying to say what's true for us. We are putting something out there that people can look at, and have opinions about. We are exposing our vulnerable underbellies, just like our cat Fatty who lies with his paws in the air and dares you to touch him...

This is also why writing is important. 

Writing gives us an opportunity to share these vulnerable parts. It gives us an opportunity to find our truth, whatever that might be.

So keep writing small stones. Keep working on your novel. Keep writing in your journal. Get support. Carry on. 

We all find it difficult. You're in good company.


  1. I am feeling this today, so your post is very helpful. The last few days the words came like water, but today...the spigot is thank you for the encouragement!

  2. I have enjoyed the process and hope that the improvement in my writing is beginning to show. The meditation on the day is very calming, although there is sometimes a strain trying to capture the right words.

    Thank you to you both; I am hoping that there will be a subsequent improvement in my teaching.

  3. Carla - yes, I know the feeling! Drip by drip...
    Charlotte - I am glad. And yes, I also find it a stretch to find the right word/order... hopefully this improves our clear-seeing?
    Thank you both for reading.

  4. I think sometimes we are happy to be flowing in the river... and then we get hung up on a tree limb or stuck under a stone... And we want to still be out there flowing. I think sometimes you just have to be ok with being stuck. Easier said than done- that is for sure. Pass the cake- thanks again Fiona!