Saturday, 30 July 2011

The end, or the beginning?

The July river of stones finishes tomorrow.

You might have taken part this time, and you might not have. You might have religiously written a small stone every day, or had a few false starts, or written three and then forgotten about it completely.

It doesn't matter.

If you let them, small stones will help you to connect with the world one teensy moment at a time. They will work on you at their own pace.

Every time you pause to notice the exact texture of an egg, or the glittering thread of drool hanging from your happy cat's chin (yuk!), and wonder how you'd write it down, can be counted as a tiny triumph.

Even if you've had ONE of these moments this month, one that you wouldn't have otherwise experienced, then we'll be very happy.

We're always pleasd to hear from people - do let us know by email (Fiona or Kaspa) or in the comments section how you found the experience.

If you'd like to take your writing practice to another level, you could join one of our month-long self-study ecourses starting on Monday - Eastern Therapeutic Writing with Kaspa (koans, Japanese poetry and Morita therapy) or Writing Ourselves Alive with Fiona (curiosity, honesty, compassion & passion).

If you don't get a jiggle on quickly enough they'll repeat later in the year - here's the rest. 

We won't be posting here again for a while, until we've cooked up the next project for our river. We would like it very much if you'd follow us over to the Writing Our Way Home blog, and you could also try Fiona's weekly inspirational newsletter, or come and say hi at our community

Thank you for reading our blog, and for being a very important drop in the river.


  1. I've enjoyed my small stone writing and as I've written flash fiction since January, it's been a lot easier.

    However I've been less engaged with the other writers this time. I've looked less at other people's work and I've had less people looking at mine. I don't think I've contributed to the sense of community this time round and I'm a little sad at that.

  2. In lieu of my *not* writing stones this go around, I leave you with this:

    ~The Summer dust settles on my blog like Ancient faerie dust and reminds me that what lies beneath will remain protected until I return with purpose as Lughnasadh leads us slowly and dreamily into Autumn.

    Much love-

    (But if you want to see what I HAVE been working on you can pop over to
    Aren't I shamless?!) ;)

  3. Thank you both. Interesting Pete as the community aspect certainly hasn't happened to the same extent this time. Gives us things to think about. We migth cook up something different next time! Glad you took part, keep writing.

  4. Thank you Fiona and Kaspa for encouraging these small observations. I've enjoyed both the writing and the reading of other's stones.

  5. Thanks, Fiona and Kaspa, for opening the river again in July. It's a discipline that's always rewarding. All good wishes for your next projects. x

  6. Thank you Barb, thank you Lynne.

  7. Well, Fiona and Kaspa what can I say? It's been brilliant! I've loved it. It's been hard, it's been easy, I've struggled, I've sometimes even cribbed a bit from what my husband has observed during his day. But d'you know what? I feel so much a better person for having done it. I feel more confident in my own skills and more comfortable with my own writing style.

    I only finished today. I had some posts to catch up on from the weekend. Even though I wasn't writing them down the stones weren't lost.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the journey!

  8. Very happy to hear this, Kat. Well done for keeping on going. I do hope the journey won't stop! : )