Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What next? Book submissions and more

(image by zimpenfish)

Wow. It's been really wonderful reading everyone's last stones. As well of the stones lots of people have either emailed or written on their blogs about the process of writing and how good it's been. It's been  really touching to read everyone's comments and stories. Fiona and I are really pleased how well a river of stones has taken off. Thank you all.

What next?

1) Join the writing community at Writing Our Way Home.

2) Look out for the July 2011 river of stones.

3) Submit to the January 2011 book (see below).

a river of stones book
To remember the January 2011 river Fiona and I are going to produce a beautiful book with a selection of your stones in. We spent some time looking at cover designs this morning and I'm very excited. As well as lots of wonderful pieces of your writing we're going to include some articles about the process of observing and of writing.

what you need to do to submit
Although Fiona and I have read lots of your stones, because so many people were writing it's been impossible to read every single one. I'd like each person who wants to be included in the book to choose up to ten small stones and email me. 

A book has a finite number of pages and so Fiona and I are going to wield the editorial red pen. We want this to be really special and will be choosing stones that compliment one another. 

In the body of the email please put up to ten of your favourite stones (polish them first, if you like) and your name. Nothing else (we're hoping to get lots and lots of these, so I want to make it as easy for us to collate as possible). Please put aros in the subject of the email, and send it to me: Kaspalita (gentlespear@gmail.com)

Submission deadline: Feburary 28th

Remember, this isn't the end. Lots of people are still writing small stones everyday, and even if you stop writing, the practice of being open the world is one we can all engage in (I know I have room for improvement here!)

Thank you again everyone... Until next time.


Kaspa & Fiona


  1. Please provide us with the email address...I couldn't get it thru the link. thanks.

  2. Hi Sher, it should open your email client when you click on the link. Regardless - I've put the email address above.

    Thanks :)

  3. Great idea!
    Many of us used photos with our stones. I am assuming you only want the stones with our submission, but if photos are permitted, please say so.

  4. Hi Linda, we're aiming to produce a paperback with lots of stones in, like Fiona's first small stones book, so we can't use any photos in this format.

  5. Can't wait to read your submissions... it doesn't matter if you 'officially' took part in the river or not - if you have small stones, send them through! (ie if you only wrote a few, or wrote in a notebook...)

  6. Thank you both for designing the January challenge & for creating Writing Our Way Home. I shall see if I can polish some of my stones to make them worthy for submission.

    Kat X

  7. Hi Fiona and Kaspa

    do you need the ten small stones now or shall I wait for you to contact us Anniexxx

  8. Just sent in ten of my favorites! I hope you guys like them as well!

  9. Hi Annie, send them as soon as they are ready please.

    Thanks Ricahrd

  10. Stones submitted now!
    Thanks for all the energy and work you put into the project!

  11. I've submitted my stones too!
    This has been such a fun exploration :-)

  12. OK, ten stones just emailed to you. Can't wait to see the book and thanks for this lovely project!

  13. Brilliant, thanks everyone. Really good response so far. Keep them coming.

  14. great idea! where will the book be available from, online/store? and cost?

  15. Ah, good questions... We're making it with Lulu, as I've used them before quite happily, and so it'll be available there and also on Amazon US, UK etc after a little wait. It'll be average cost, we've yet to decide depending on how many pages etc. More details when it's written!!

  16. (PS those on our mailing list have got a sneaky sneak preview of the cover... if you'd like to join the mailing list so you can have a look, just email me and say: fiona@fionarobyn.com.

  17. My stones are flying through the air. Pray that they land without hurting anyone.

    Thank you for instigating what has proved a valuable experience. All my stones were written directly onto my blog, so I didn't have copies. It's taken me all morning to find them all and whittle them downto 10.

  18. If we used some formatting / spacing tricks (to make it tighter, actually), how should we convey those?

  19. Dear Jason, you can send an html email. If we decide to include that specific stone, we'll think about how it might be formatted in the book then..

  20. Thanks Fiona and Kaspa, I've enjoyed browsing the stones in the river each day. It's been a fun month. Cheers!

  21. Fiona/Kaspa - for any Stoners interested in carrying on their daily practice, February is National Haiku Writing Month over on Twitter - just search the #nahaiwrimo tag and join in if you are interested.

    And Tina Nguyen is plannig a tanka gogyohka month in May - see http://gogyohka.ning.com/forum/topics/may-2011-international