Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Get your free e-book & read Lorrie's story

I finished my e-book yesterday - 'How to write your way home'.

It's my gift to you.

To download your copy, simply click here and then you can save the PDF onto your computer.

In it, you'll get to know Lorrie, who has pea-green eyes and mousey hair. She lives in a narrow grey house and works in a call-centre in a grey office building. If you asked her whether she was happy, she wouldn't know how to answer you. Until she is shown something that's right under her nose, and which changes everything...

Lorrie's story is stitched through the book, which also contains simple instructions to help you feel more connected to yourself & to the world, information on hunting & polishing small stones, advice on how to build a creative network & much more. A kind of manifesto, if you will.

If you enjoy it, you can help me out by sharing it with your friends and family - especially with people like Lorrie who could do with some more colour in their lives.

Let me know what you think : )

(Kaspa & I are making good progress on the river of stones book too. We've been BUSY! The closing date for submissions is the 28th of Feb - we won't be able to include any we receive after that date. Do send them through if you haven't already.)


  1. It looks great Fiona! I've downloaded it and given it a bit of a skim. Will dig in properly soon!

  2. I started reading your delightful e-book over coffee yesterday afternoon at a favorite local cafe and couldn't put it down, so had to keep reading it when I got home that evening. I enjoyed it very much. I like how you wove the story of Lorrie into it; a very inspiring guide for writing small stones and for writing in general. Thank you so much for offering it to us.

  3. Thank you for the gift, Fiona! I plan to read it this week. :)

    And yes, thanks for the reminder about the Stones anthology submissions! ;)

  4. Cynthia - yay! So glad you liked Lorrie's story. I'm quite fond of her. Thank you.
    And thank you too - and for your lovely submission. We've had a rush of last minuters!