Thursday 17 February 2011

Submissions up to 15th Feb replied to....

We've just finished replying to all the book submissions up til the 15th of February with a 'yes please' or a 'not quite right please feel free to send some more'. 

If you sent us a submission before this date, you should have an email from Kaspa in your inbox. If you haven't, do let us know.

We have a handful of submissions still to deal with, and as you know we're accepting them up until the 28th of February.

It's been wonderful to read all your work, and we've got such a bunch of jewels... you're going to LOVE the book!

Have wonderful Thursdays, Fiona (& Kaspa)


  1. stone of the stones: to receive acceptance of a small stone for the book on birthday
    thank you

  2. Happy belated birthday, Anna!