Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Share the good stuff around

Here is Robin, holding her copy of "pay attention: a river of stones". She looks almost as happy as we felt when we received our first paperback. Do send us your photos - I love to think of the book travelling around the world without us. 

And I love the idea of small stones travelling too - tell your best friend, tell your sometimes-miserable colleague at work, tell them about my free e-book, tell them about the river, review the book on your blog, come and visit us at our free friendly forum. With frogs. (no frogs really. I just got carried away).  

If you found anything else when you were finding stones, keep looking. And share it.


  1. will do as soon as my copy arrives! what a great idea!

  2. My Kindle is full of small stones!

    (But I have ordered several of the real book, too ;-))

  3. Hope it gets there soon Krissie. Ah, jealous of your Kindle Kirsten ;)

  4. Hi Fiona, I should have known when I saw your name that this would be a good Blog. Seriously though, I love your idea. I came here through several blogs and am glad I did.

    Writing is special to me and what you're doing here is reaching out to everyone to contribute no matter how small - each stone counts

    Cheers, Fi

  5. Yes, Fiona is a VERY good name ;)
    Good to meet you, Fi, feel free to sign up to our forum if you fancy it and hope to see you here again.