Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And the winner is...(and two more free books)

And the winner of the prize draw, receiving a copy of Alexander Master's book Stuart: A Life Backwards is Ana Gonçalves.

Congratulations Ana!

After pulling Ana's name out of my (virtual) hat, I clicked on her profile and it took me to her lovely small-stone/photo blog expressive world. It's really well designed and definitely worth a look

In other book give-away news Margo Roby who blogs at Wordgathering is giving away a copy of No Bones to Carry, an award winning collection by internationally published poet, James Penha and a copy of pay attention: a river of stones.

Margo's blog is really very good, with or without free books, she writes poetry prompts and advice on writing poems. Click on over to this post to be entered into her draw.

Fiona is giving away one copy of the hardback version of pay attention: a river of stones. She's also written a new article today which "looks at how often we ignore the things we shouldn't, what happens when we do, and how you can get better at paying attention to them instead. You might want to read it if you've ever ignored anything ever."

Head over to this post to read more and find out how to enter: Fatty, slugs and win a free hardback


  1. Lucky Ana! I am behind on my stones entries but will be back to it in earnest in April. Life has a way of beating back creativity with the mundane, but it must be done. Now to see how to enter to win the stones book...

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :) I look forward in receiving the copy of the book, and thank you for mentioning my blog. :)