Saturday, 26 March 2011

Free e-book and other lovely stuff

Johannes S. H. Bjerg has created a beautiful e-book from his January small stones - do go and have a look.

And Chris Galvin (whom, I note approvingly, enjoys good dark chocolate) has written a beautiful piece about the river here - well worth tweeting and sharing on your Facebook pages as a way of encouraging your friends to get involved. 

The River (which contains blogs that only publish small stones) has more than forty drops already, and the blog here on the right (with anyone taking part) has more than fifty. More than a trickle. You can start writing small stones whenever you like - email me your blog address (and whether you're posting only small stones or not) and I'll add you to one or both of them straight away.

Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment on the blog below before the end of Sunday if you'd like to be in for a chance of winning 'Stuart: A Life Backwards'. 

Have wonderful weekends. We watched Inception last night - I'm still trying to work it out!


  1. O, what a beautiful book! Thanks for sharing, Johannes and Fiona.

    Happy paying attention this weekend, you wonderful people :)

    Kirsten x

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