Friday, 11 March 2011

Instructions for living a life

"Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." ~ Mary Oliver

I found this quote at Robin's very lovely small stone blog leaf, stone, feather, sky. I have blog envy.

Oliver does praise SO well. She reminds us in her poetry over and over that we just need to look more closely if we want to fall in love with the world. Look at this pansy - the colours, the design - we have two pots of them outside our front door, and I don't look at them often enough.

With our small stones, we are doing exactly as Oliver suggests.

Thank you to Cait O'Connor for interviewing Kaspa about the river project at her blog. If anyone else would like to talk to us, do let us know.

In a couple of not-strictly-river-related notes, I have an article about not-being-perfect up at Tiny Buddha today, and if you'd like to get the early bird discount for my April Writing as Spiritual Practice e-course and join our current seven lovely participants, just send me an email before the end of Sunday.

Kaspa & I were talking earlier about the July write-a-small-stone-a-day challenge, and getting all excited. I wonder how we can broaden our river from 350 participants to ten times that? If anyone has any ideas, it'd be lovely if you wanted to share them. I've just started a group for that purpose (and any other purpose we can think of) here on the WOWH forum.

I'm off on my adventures now - see you when I get back!


  1. I love Mary Oliver's poetry. It's so simple, yet so refreshing. It is amazing how she can see nature and make it ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. :)

    Thank you for informing us about the Writing as a Spiritual Practice e-course. I'll be doing NaPoWriMo (writing a poem daily) in honor of National Poetry Month in April, but am still interested in the next course available!

    I just joined the July stoners group on WOWH forum! :) This is exciting! If I have any ideas how to broaden the river, I'll let you know. Most of my Twitter readers/followers are always enthusiastic about such projects, so that's how I do broadcast what's going on in the poetry, writing, and art world. :)

    Have fun with your adventures! :)

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