Thursday, 28 April 2011

A special announcement for our wedding

We’re getting married on Saturday the 18th of June, (yay!) and we’d love you to give us a special wedding gift by writing us a small stone on our wedding day.

Kaspa has made us a brand new site at Wedding Small Stones, which has all the instructions you'll need if you're able to take part. We hope you do : ) In brief:

 1) Help us spread the word by posting information about the project on your blog on Monday the 1st of June – our ‘Small Stone Blogsplash’. This is to give people a chance to hear about our project before our wedding day.

2) On the 18th of June, whilst we’re putting on our nice clothes and saying our vows and eating cake, pay attention to one thing around you, write it down, and send us your small stone here.

We hope to come back from our honeymoon to an inbox full of your small stones. It would be the perfect wedding gift. We’ll put them all up on the wedding site – with your name and blog if you’d like us to include them.

We’d just love it if the whole world paid proper attention to one thing on our wedding day. Make us happy and share our day with us! 


  1. Excellent! I've set up my blog post already :)


  2. Excellent Kirsten - thank you! We'll have no idea how many people do this before the 1st... it'll be a lovely surprise...

  3. That is a wonderful idea for your wedding gifts. Congratulations and wishing you a blissful marriage:)

  4. How precious. what a wonderful way to chronicle a most special day.
    Best to you both as you start your lives together

  5. Thank you both :) hope you might be writing us a small stone on the 18th of June.....

  6. Many blessings and fondest wishes! Stones will be had!

    Also, I'm in for the July challenge... one step closer to 1000? :)

  7. Excellent news Joseph. Do make sure you email us the link if you want it to be added to the blogroll....

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