Monday, 18 April 2011

Praising Spring

This is one of Lynda Bruce's beautiful paintings - it's called 'Song for Spring'. Lynda has just joined our community (join us!) and we're hoping to speak with her at some point for our new series of interviews with creative types. The first one is with illustrator Jackie Morris, and if you haven't seen her paintings of leopards & bears you should go see now. 

I don't feel very springlike this morning - I woke up feeling full of mud and I'm still ankle-deep. A spring cold is probably brewing in me. 

Even more reason to pay attention to everything I can. 

I've been enjoying this poem by Linda Gregg over the weekend. Two Lindas/Lyndas, and two homages to spring. 

Don't forget to pay attention to the passing of the seasons, to the weather, to the cat curled up on the chair. To every degree of flourishing. Write it down.


Praising Spring

The day is taken by each thing and grows complete.
I go out and come in and go out again,
confused by a beauty that knows nothing of delay,
rushing like fire. All things move faster
than time and make a stillness thereby. My mind
leans back and smiles, having nothing to say.
Even at night I go out with a light and look
at the growing. I kneel and look at one thing
at a time. A white spider on a peony bud.
I have nothing to give, and make a poor servant,
but I can praise the spring. Praise this wildness
that does not heed the hour. The doe that does not
stop at dark but continues to grow all night long.
The beauty in every degree of flourishing. Violets
lift to the rain and the brook gets louder than ever.
The old German farmer is asleep and the flowers go on
opening. There are stars. Mint grows high. Leaves
bend in the sunlight as the rain continues to fall.

- Linda Gregg


  1. What a beautiful painting & gorgeous poem!
    I will read it over a few times this week, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Stunning painting! And great idea interviewing creative types on WOWH. I used to interview a lot of artists, and although I don't paint or draw (I'm more keen on photography & crafts) I always enjoyed hearing about their creative process, how they came to be where they are, and I'm usually quite inspired by anyone who has passion for their work/play. Will pop over and read the first interview now :)
    Thanks, Fiona!

  3. Glad you liked it. Yes, we're looking forward to doing more interviews... in fact we have one appearing tomorrow...