Friday, 1 April 2011

20% Sale on and a lovely post from Lisa

Small stones are everywhere; in spring meadows and cultivated fields and in the brambles where hedge-sparrows nest, in the cracks between the pavement and in the sky. You just have to open your senses. in the United Sates and the UK (maybe elsewhere, check their website) are having a 20% sale this weekend. Here are the links to pay attention: a river of stones again, the beautiful book we created in response to all the wonderful writing we saw during the January river:  the paperback, the hardback gift edition, and the ebook (pdf).

Lisa, one of the contributers, has written this lovely post on her blog Diary of a Sqaure Toothed Girl about receiving her copy. She finishes her post by saying: 
Paying attention is, sometimes, just plain hard.
But I'll tell you, stone by stone, there is is joy to be found simply in trying.
Lisa is right, sometimes it is hard. But there is a great joy in it. Visit The River, the space for our July challenge, and see what small stones people are noticing and writing already. Let us know if you have a small stone blog you'd like adding.

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