Monday, 28 February 2011

LAST DAY for submitting your small stones for the book

If you'd like to be in this GORGEOUS book, which already has nearly three hundred stunning small stones in it, we need your submission by the end of the day. Send up to ten small stones and your name to Kaspa at We're accepting small stones from people who've just started writing them as well as those who took part in the January river. 

I've had some very lovely feedback on my free e-book about Lorrie, and my first Writing as Spiritual Practice e-course starts soon (I'm going to run one in April too now - if you're interested, email me Our community forum for people interested in using writing as a way of connecting with the world is BLOOMING like a beautiful peony - come and have a look and let me know if you get stuck. So, what with editing books and cooking roasts and having ten people over yesterday for coffee, cake and Dharma and suchlike, we've been pretty busy ; )

I hope you all have a fantastic week. We'll be back with news of the book as soon as we have it. In the meantime, keep writing those small stones...... 


  1. worm crushed
    Cold shiver
    earthly discovery

  2. snowfall
    on hot plain land
    scary vapory breath
    winter wizardry

  3. bare branches
    loneliness in trees

  4. If you would like small stones considered for the book, please email them to by the end of today with the subject 'aros'.


  5. Have you responded to everyone from whom you've received submissions? Not with decisions, of course, but simply that you have received them.

  6. Hi Jason - I've responded to everyone who submitted before the 19th Feb. Rather than sending lots of emails - we're just responding with an email saying if you're in. We are trying to include something from as many people as possible that submits, providing we think it is a small stone.

    I do have your submission.

  7. Can we submit ones that we had on our blogs for January?

  8. Yes Terri that's what we've been receiving in the main.

  9. cool - I have sent a few your way. I enjoyed doing these!

  10. Thank you! I suspect a simple ack would let people know they're received, however...

  11. Ahh but more than 300 simple acks is a different kettle of fish...