Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Quotes needed for the book... (and a gratuitous picture of cake)

I just wrote a blog about this piece of cake and how it sucks to be self-employed sometimes. I'm putting it here too as it does look extraordinarily yummy and I'm hoping to find something similar when I go into town in a minute : ) 

We're still enjoying reading your small stone submissions. You have until the 28th of February to get them to us - if you're worried about whether we've received them or not, don't worry, we'll reply to everyone in the first week of March and if you don't hear from us there will still be time to send them through again. We've had too many submissions to reply to everyone individually. You can imagine the logistics of at least 2600 small stones.... a river indeed.

We're also enjoying writing some pieces to slot in amongst your small stones. We already have some quotes from your blogs which we'll be using - we'll get in touch with you individually to ask permission first of course - but if anyone else would like to write anything about their experience of writing small stones do email it through to me (fiona@fionarobyn.com) or Kaspa (gentlespear@gmail.com). 

Thank you!


  1. Please tell me what kind of cake that is! Is it carrot cake do you think? But what are the dark pieces in it? Did you manage to buy something like it? Too many open-ended questions for a hungry person.

  2. Mmmm, looks like one of those yummy carrot cakes with walnuts and sour cream icing ...yummmmm

    oh, you wanted something about the experience of writing small stones? Sorry I got a bit distracted there for a moment, virtual cake is almost as good as the real thing ;)