Sunday, 2 January 2011

Technical gremlins (and keep writing)

Good Morning Stoners,

I woke up this morning to find a whole heap of lovely fragments of poetry, and a long list of new people taking part. And also to find that the River of Stones page, where everyone's writing is collated isn't working.

I used Yahoo! pipes to filter and collect the small stones from everyone's blogs, via your .rss feeds. Whilst the Pipes homepage is working, and you can see your river of stones there (on Yahoo!) this morning both the widget, which some people have embedded in their webpages, and the output .rss feed, which feeds our twitter account have stopped  working.

If none of this means anything to you, don't worry - keep writing - and accept my apologies that both the twitter feed and The River of Stones page are down at the moment. You can use the blog roll on the right to see what other people are writing.

If you do know what I'm talking about, and have any bright ideas about what might be wrong, or an alternate way of collating many .rss feeds, do let me know in the comments below.

In the mean time, keep writing and keep checking back here - we've got some interesting posts lined up for the next day or so.




  1. Well, 'The River' has reappeared by itself, but the Twitter stream still isn't working. You can always tweet your stones yourselves if you like, using the #aros tag - there's lots there! I'm still adding new people... nearly at the bottom of the list... hope you're all having good days :)

  2. Fiona, thank you so much for starting this river flowing...I am already enjoying reading other peoples stones:)

  3. It will all come together nicely. I am enjoying this project very much, especially reading the posts of others. Some folks don't have the name/url comment option though which makes me unable to leave one :-( So I will just say... Good job everyone... so much fun!!

  4. Thank you Laura, appreciate your gratitude.
    And Lorrie - good! I'm really enjoying it too - helping me to pay attention in a different way...

  5. hi there
    it's my first time doing this - sorry to ask a silly question but how do I know my posts are getting through to the river?
    Is there one place to look at them all?
    Also if I want to Twitter - do I just write it on my own Twitter with the label aros or is there something else I must do?
    Really enjoying the process. Kate

  6. Hi Fiona and all!

    I would echo the ? above and ask if there is one place to see them all? I'm still not sure if my contributions are making it to the river or not.

  7. Hi all - the place to view all the stones is A River of Stones linked to at the top of this page.

    It only seems working intermittently today. But you can view the original page on Yahoo (which is still working) (Click Here) to see all the stones in one place.

    I'm looking for other ways of collating everything, but haven't found another solution yet.

    Kate - do tweet your own stones using the #aros tag, or use something like to link your blog to twitter.

    Some of the stones are tweeted @ariverofstones but not all - this is due to the gremlins above.

  8. I have looked at the page on Yahoo and scrolled right back to December 29th, but neither of mine appear there - so I don't think they are all coming through. I am on blogger which doesn't have categories, so I used "aros" as a label. I can think of at least one other participant on blogger and I don't think I spotted hers either.
    My posts are showing up in the blog roll to the right, though

  9. Hi Catherine, I have added you again, hope your posts are showing now. Do let me know the other blog and I can check that as well.


  10. The other one is Juliet Wilson - Crafty Green Poet.
    I still can't see either, I'll check back later and see

  11. I am unable to figure out the whole linking things--sorry. Here's my 2nd stone:

  12. I see I'm not the only one who doesn't understand all this linking up thing. I posted my 2nd stone here: Maybe by the 31st day, I'll have figured it out. LOL...

  13. I'm also unable to figure out the whole twitter and pipe thing, but I'm not too worried *Smile*. This has been a wonderful experience, which I'm certain will help me grow as a poet, writer and a person.

  14. I've checked back, my latest "stone" is showing on the blogroll to the right, but no sign of it on the pipes.
    I'm not really bothered by this, but thought I would let you know. I assume we can still submit our favourites at the end of the month if we want to.

  15. Just dawned on me that you might not want *all* of my month's ramblings. If so, could you change to catch only my pebbles?

  16. Hey everybody!

    First thanks to Fiona and Kaspa and everyone for a great project.

    I also scanned through the river back to 12/18 or so... a lot of great stuff! But, alas, I'm just not there! I am in the blog roll to the right and thatis fine with me. But I must say I would love to take a dive into the river.

    I'm on Blogger - Notes From a Life in Progress -and also using the label feature, using aros as a label.

    Thanks again!

  17. Thanks for your patience Catherine - We'll be inviting everyone to submit regardless of whether their blogs are listed on the right, or made it into the river.

    I'm sorry your posts aren't appearing, if I get some time later today I'll check the software again. It's not as reliable as I had hoped, unfortunately. I'm not sure what we'll do next year.

    Richard will check and add you again, and crafty green poet as well. According to my list you have both been added though, so again I suspect it's the software :(

    Hopefully I'll find a better way of collating everyone's stones.

    Jason Thanks - I think if that's where you are posting I won't worry about it for now. In theory the River of Stones should just pick up the tagged posts anyway, but as you will have gathered that doesn't seem to be working all the time.

    Gigi - we'll make sure you are added to the list on the right. That's the best place to browse everyone's stones at the moment.

    Thanks everyone for your patience. Please remember that the noticing and the writing (especially the noticing) is the most important thing.