Thursday, 27 January 2011

A new offering

I've posted about the crystallisation of my new offering to the world at the newly named blog for Writing Our Way Home. I hope you like how Kaspa made that bird perch on the end of my squiggle ; ) 

You've already done lots of 'spreading the news' for us, so I won't ask you to do any more, but I do hope we might see you at our new forum at some point - the ideal place to post small stones, enter into conversation, eat virtual cake. 

It's good to hear that people are already planning to sign up for our July write-a-small-stone-every-day challenge. But January isn't quite over yet... 

We're getting excited about the marvellous morsels we're expecting once we open submissions to the 'river of stones' book. In the meantime you can always submit to my blogzine, a handful of stones.

I hope you're seeing more clearly, wherever you are, and whatever life is throwing at you. 


  1. The now rote and unappreciated hazed white rays of another wintry day pierced through my drawn bedroom window curtains this morning. It gave me little justification for any hint of enthusiasm but did contribute to my slow lumbering legs to untie themselves one by from underneath my bed sheets. Slowly my right leg flops o'er the side dangling like the tail of a sloth in a tree. Then suddenly my awakening came with a bit more verve when I knew that a freshly pile of thre checked out library books awaited me to consume the authors narratives, vicariously. Ahh! Dali Lama, Sam Harris, Stephen Hawkings await me at my recliner in my world. What a delicious diverse group of 'fiction' authors(lol). I bid you, adieu, adios, ciao.

  2. corrections: ' by one' and '...pile of three'. Oooops!

  3. WRiting these small stones has forced me to slow down my busy life. It is wonderful.

  4. Hi, I came here through LauraX's blog.. I would love to write/contribute for 'a river of stones' if possible.
    And yes Kaspa's bird does look cute perched atop the squiggle..

  5. I like the new 'Writing My Way Home' community. I've signed up and started contributing & reading. I love the title; full of meaning.

    Kat X

  6. Are pieces that we wrote and, more to the point, posted for the river, eligible for submission to a handful of stones?

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for commenting.

    Richard pieces that you wrote this month, are yours to do with as you wish, do submit your favourites either to a handful of stones, or at the end of this month, to us for the river of stones book. You can submit the same to both I suppose, although I don't know if we'll publish it in both - we might - it depends on the whole of the submissions.


  8. wonderful blog and would love to participate, but the subscription url failed?

    Kelly at

  9. Thanks Fiona & Kaspalita - Yes moments have become more meaningful and there are so many of them in a day. Hxx

  10. Hi Fiona & Kaspalita
    coming to the end of the month, and its been a great way to get me into a focused space, I will be continuing with stones as i have been excited by its place in my life. Love to you both Anniexxxx