Sunday, 9 January 2011

The river is bursting its banks...

If you're new here, find out about small stones (above) and then get involved.

This river shows no signs of abating.

I've just re-written the 'About' and 'Get involved' sections to include our January challenge as one element of the river.

We might challenge you to a-stone-a-day during July as well as January next year. We're making a river of stones book in the Spring. We hope people will continue using the #aros hash-tag on Twitter. I'm in the middle of writing an online course on 'Writing as Spiritual Practice' which will run for the first time during March. And we'd LOVE it if people continued writing small stones in their notebooks and online.

And we've got a proper mailing list now, you can sign up here.

Keep letting us know how you're getting on with the practice. Enjoy.

(Thanks to Kaspa for the river photo!)


"I have been writing from quite a young age, and the writing has always been something of its own, in a way, it was never something I did to say anything, to voice an opinion, but something that was as good as a way of existing in the world, almost a way to make yourself exist in the world, at least exist there in a good way, through what you wrote, which then lived there, so naturally, in its own existence. For when I write something I feel is well written, something new has come into the world, something that wasn't there before, I have, as it were, created existence, and this, the joy of writing people and stories, yes, whole universes no one knew about, not even I, before I had written them, surprises me, and gives me joy. No one knew about this, not before I wrote it. And where does it come from? I've no idea, because it is new to me as well. I probably hadn't thought about it before. Writing, good writing, will therefore always be a place where something unknown, something which didn't exist before, is given existence. And that, writing as a state where something, yes in a sense even a whole new universe, is created and given a kind of existence for the first time, is perhaps what I enjoy most about writing. A whole new universe comes into being every time you write well. Because all good texts, yes poems too, are in a certain sense a new universe, which did not exist before, but which is created in good writing."
- Jon Fosse

from The Gnosis of Writing via the very wonderful whiskey river


  1. As humans, I think we are at our happiest when creating something.

  2. I love this thought of writing as a way of existing in the world. It's like Flannery O'Connor's view of writing as a "habit of being."

  3. I thought I wrote to express myself but found I was expressing my self. It was so embarrassing it motivated me to clean up my act.

  4. Hi Eliza, Jacob Moreno said that any creative act was the divine at work...

    Kathleen yes - not just writing as a way of being, but noticing the other as a way of being...

    Good luck steeleweed! Let me know what it's like once you're all cleaned up ;)

  5. I was so taken with this quote from Jon Fosse, have ordered one of his books in translation.

  6. Ooh Jean do let me know what it's like!