Sunday, 19 December 2010

The River of Stones

(if you're new, go see this post first...)

Hello lovely stone writers,

It's been wonderful to see people start writing already, and to taste the anticipation of those yet to write. I wanted to be able to see everyone's writing all in one place so I spent a couple of hours yesterday creating The River of Stones.

As of today (19th December 2010) it includes everyone who has created a new blog just for their stones, and everyone who has started posting in their existing blogs and has put those posts into a category.

If you are using you own blog please do create a category for your "small stone" posts - that way I can filter out the stones and add them to The River of Stones. It will make my life easier if you all use the same name for your category - so I'm going to suggest aros.

I created this using Yahoo! pipes. To get the river of stones widget go to Yahoo! pipes 'a river of stones' and click get widget.

Twitter feed
You can follow The River Of Stones on Twitter: @ariverofstones
and look out for posts tagged #aros

If none of this makes any sense, or you have any questions, please do leave a comment below.


  1. (this was written by Kaspa - it says at the bottom - he'll be posting now too. isn't it a lovely river he made?)

  2. oooooh....what a gorgeous river indeed!!

    ribbons of loveliness...


  3. Glad you agree. what beautiful words...

  4. I have tried to figure out how to categorize my posts and haven't really found the answer. I have just begun and only posted 2, I changed the title of the one for small stones to aros at the beginning and there doesn't seem to be a difference. I added labeling also. It still just shows the month breakdown. Any suggestions? Thabk you! Helen

  5. Hi guys! I have thrown my first pebble into the pond (written my first stone) and added the widget - what a great way to spread the ripples :D I will be using the aros tag, too. (All at

  6. Morning Buggie, Thanks - I have to add you're site to the feed manually. The reason for the labelling in so that the software I use can filter out the non-small-stones posts.

    Just off to my day-job now, will sort it out this evening.

    Schella lovely thank you, will check out your stone later :)

  7. I'm on blogger (as you are!) can I use labels instead of categories? As far as I can tell from the blogger help function, they are not quite the same thing

  8. Congrats on the first small stone Schelle!
    Catherine - I'll check with Kaspa tonight but my guess is yes... will get back to you!

  9. Is there anything I need to do to get them to show up as one category? I understand the purpose of the labeling, just want to be sure it is working. Like I said....I am new to blogging and I tend to obsess over things a bit. I am really looking forward to it and have already enjoyed the stones everyone is sharing. I got the Y Pipes rolling on my blog last night as well. Didn't know for sure if I needed to post with special titles or do something specific for the labeling gadget to know where to put things. Thanks!